With the continuous update and changes in the fashion world, more and more fashion items have become the focus of people’s attention. Among these items, shoes can be said to be the most popular. It is not only fashionable, but also can bring you a different charm.

New fashion favorite: rhinestone boots bring you a different charm插图

What are rhinestone boots?

Shoes are boots with flashing gemstones, which are characterized by gemstones of various sizes inlaid on the upper, making the whole pair of shoes dazzling. These boots can be high-heeled or flat-soled and are also available in different styles and colors.


History of rhinestone boots

Rhinestone boots date back to the late 19th century when women started wearing beautifully made leather boots. After continuous development, this kind of boots began to add gem elements, thus becoming a fashion item.

In the 1950s, shoes were favored by some country singers and musicians, who wore them during performances to show their fashion sense and personality. With the passage of time, shoes has gradually become an indispensable part of the fashion circle, and has been accepted and sought after by more and more people.


Matching skills of rhinestone boots

If you want to dress rhinestone boots stylishly and individually, you need to master some collocation skills.

  • Match with jeans: Jeans are the best partner of shoes, no matter it is straight-leg pants, tight pants or loose pants, they can be matched with shoes to produce a fashionable effect. When paired with it, jeans can be tucked into boots to reveal a portion of the upper to showcase the beauty of the jewel.
  • Matching with long skirts: rhinestone boots with long skirts is also a fashionable way to match, especially suitable for spring and autumn. You can choose a knee-length lace skirt or chiffon skirt, and match it with a long-sleeved top or coat for a sweet effect.
  • Wear it with shorts: Shoes and shorts are also a stylish option. You can choose a pair of short jeans or a short skirt, and match it with a white T-shirt or a small black vest to show your sense of movement.


Maintenance tips for rhinestone boots

In order to make shoes more durable, you need to master some maintenance skills.

  • Regular cleaning: In order to maintain the brightness and color of shoes, regular cleaning is required. You can use professional leather boot cleaners or water plus a small amount of soap to clean, but it must be gentle and do not scrub hard.
  • Waterproofing: Rhinestone boots are made of leather and therefore need to be waterproofed. Use a waterproofing spray or apply a layer of waterproofing wax to prevent moisture from penetrating the inside of the boot.
  • Storage: Rhinestone boots need to be stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity. Before storing, special shoe-stays can be used to keep the boots in shape and put them in a shoe box or bag to protect them from dust and grime.


Rhinestone boots design

Rhinestone boots are crystal decorated boots, they have many small shiny crystals covering the surface. These crystals can be clear or colored. This boot was originally designed to add some sparkle to occasions such as performances, parties, and other social occasions.

The Rhinestone boots design process usually includes the following steps: Design plan: The designer will first draw a preliminary design drawing, including shape, color and arrangement of crystals.


In short, shoes are a new fashion favorite, it can bring you a different charm. However, you need to pay attention to details when choosing and matching, and master maintenance skills to make them more durable and beautiful.

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